My classmate Mina at Lake Trasimeno in the Umbria region of Italy, not far from the Tuscan border
Abstract shot I took when I saw the sunlight pouring in through the window on the dish drying rack
I just kind of liked the light here
Alejandro "Alex" Dzul, my tattoo artist of four years
Alejandro "Alex" Dzul, my tattoo artist of four years
Random blue (my favorite color) flower I saw growing essentially on a garbage can. I saw it on a hike. I took it as a sign.
Seattle Japanese Garden
I *think* this was in La Conner, WA
My former pets, Quinn and Simon, looking at an image of a cat on TV.
My dad, thin and ailing but holding on. Summer 2021 in downtown Detroit.
Typewriter keys
Me looking through the blinds. I look ugly but I think the picture is kinda cool.
My beautiful daughter as an infant
The corridor I used to walk to the bus stop or train every weekday after work in Seattle's Pioneer Square neighborhood.
My daughter and my Nana!
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